About us

From its inception in 2015, Quality Food Exporters (Pvt) LTd set its sights on sourcing and processing Seafood responsibly to protect our Natural Resources while delivering Freshness and Food Safety to the consumer. Hence our growth has been, and will continue to be, consistent and sustainable.

Our commitment to ethical and sustainable seafood production is also emphasized by adherence to wild caught fish. Aside from the lower contaminants, and force fed additives, the wild caught species are a healthier consumption. As with many success stories, our crew has played a pivotal role in crafting our progress with their skill, precision and dedication. We deliver our products at the highest echelon of quality and service through an amazing crew who has helped us build an amazing organization which is trusted by our clients and consumers alike

Almost half decade on from our launch, we find ourselves today serving clients around the world where our products are consumed with anticipation and confidence while we continually strive to improve on every aspect of our company.

Casting off from the Pearl

Located below the southern tip of India, and popularly referred to as “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, Sri Lanka is our base of operations. Situated close to a transportation hub, which provides us access to our clients with speed and efficiency, we have built state of the art processing facilities to ensure that the best of produce is delivered by a highly trained and skillful team. Our growth over the years has been astounding with a current capability spread over ta facilities with over 20,000 sq.ft., of processing area and a capacity of over 100,000 tons of fish per month. Our capacity to grow has been built on a sustainable foundation through partnership with suppliers who strictly comply with our ethos for responsible practices. We ensure that we source from Non IUU vessels using approved landing sites and is dolphin safe. Our commitment to quality and standards is exemplified through certifications and compliance to HACCP, GMP and SSOP. The foundation of our compliance is based on the processing facilities which confirm to the strict EU standards for Microbiological, Chemical, Physical, and Hygienic parameters. We believe in investment in systems which help us continually improve our delivery, and enhancing the values which guide us. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, reduce wastage and our carbon foot print, we have invested in an Automated Production Tracking System coupled with a Product Traceability Process. These systems and processes provide us with the ability to provide consistency, safety and quality, while ensuring that actively protect our environment and sustainability.